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Duo (1990)

Written by: Looks Like Lightning

“City Heat” (Floyd/Tierney)
Written towards the end of the band’s last incarnation and only played live at the White Horse shows in Leverstock Green – City Heat sounds quite dated now but was well-received back in the day.

“State of Love” (Tierney)
The “Iconic” Looks Like Lightning song, which survived every line-up and variation of the band, which used to be popular amongst the handful of fans and which was generally used to open the set and as the encore.

“Jo” (Floyd/Tierney)
Always a kind of “space filler” – but still worthy of inclusion if only for Steve Floyd’s retro keyboard riffs!

“I Believe It” (Floyd/Tierney)
The most twee song ever written?  Could be. Kinda fun though, if you like that kind of thing.