Mutually Assured Destruction

Our new album, first version released in December 2015.  Another eleven tracks, many completely...

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Unfinished Business

The Looks Like Lightning project proudly present our new album, “Unfinished Business.” Eleven tracks, some updated from band songs of yesteryear, some brand new. Various styles, a mish-mash of poppy anthems, exuberant...

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Odds & Ends (1988-1991)

“A Dangerous Game” (Looks Like Lightning) Experimental mix of styles and time signatures. “Brief Encounter” (Looks Like Lightning) Pleasant enough little ballad. “I Will Survive” (Cover) This...

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Duo (1990)

“City Heat” (Floyd/Tierney) Written towards the end of the band’s last incarnation and only played live at the White Horse shows in Leverstock Green – City Heat sounds quite dated now but was well-received...

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Introducing … The Demo (1987)

“Skeleton Corps” (Tierney) A song about the tough realities of business.¬† Sort of.¬† Missing one half of the stereo split that was somehow lost during copies of copies of copies of the original. “Don’t...

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