BOOM! There it is.

BOOM!  There it is.

So Steve Floyd and I reached the end of the first part of the project that we decided much earlier in the year to work on.  This weekend Steve drove up to Wisbech and we spent two days making final mixes of our new album.  This is entirely home produced, with only the equipment we have available, but we’re nevertheless fairly proud with how it turned out.

The album is the culmination of many months of work, both individually and together.  Of many heated discussions, a lot of driving, a lot of late nights, and (belatedly) quite a lot of beer drunk as well.  🙂  It’s been a whole lot of fun.

The album did eventually take a different shape to some of my earlier blog post suggestions.


An uptempo, energetic number, which you may not suspect from the title!

State Of Love
The original Looks Like Lightning anthem from twenty-five years ago given a comprehensive overhaul.

A fast, short and to the point, offbeat fusion of styles and influences.

A slower melody which an enormous instrumental middle section giving Steve Floyd a chance to really strut his stuff.

Winning Ways
A rocky groove with a pop edge.  Power listening.

This song sidles up beside you, smiles secudtively, then drinks your blood.  You have been warned.

Waiting For The Storm
Another fusion track, old school pop harmonies meet a soft soul rap.

Blast From The Past
A pop anthem, written (and also sung) by Steve Floyd, while Steve Tierney tries to look busy.

A guitar and vocals ballad, not unplugged but near as dammit.

The Shape Of Things To Come
Grand Electro Pop with a big guitar sound.  This was our Sky Star Search hit from years ago, remade for 2013.

Hope And Glory
Pop punk folk anthem which we made because we had a spare hour to kill and thought it would be funny.  We hope you agree!

Tracks are 50p each, or £3.00 for the whole album, which we think is pretty reasonable.  You can listen to all these tracks for free, which also means you can steal them for free too if you have an audio grabber.  🙂  Hey, that’s your call.  We aren’t the Police.  But if you like it, maybe you might see clear as to buying it?  We might even have a couplf of extra freebies to wing out to people who do.  Stranger things have happened! 🙂

If you like the songs, write us, email us, comment to us, tell us!  If you don’t like them (impossible!) then no harm done.  We still think you’re awesome.

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