Destruction, Mutually Assured

Destruction, Mutually Assured

The new album is the result of a year’s work, when we were able to find the time.  Both Steves have been distracted during 2015, but have still managed to produce a bunch of new material (and one or two refreshed older songs.)

CD Back - Mutually Assured Destruction

From the furious rocky rap of the title track, to the simple ballad Everything Gonna Be Alright the album experiments with various styles and content.

Psycho has a retro American Rock feel and a catchy tune.  Trillion Dollar Bill takes on a serious subject with a pop rock style.

Never Fading is soaring and strange, while Dearly Departed is a melodic ballad.

Hallowed Ground is an oddity – a protest song from a right-of-centre perspective.  Written in response to a challenge, actually.

Both Moonrise and Skeleton Corps take a dance theme, both in quite different ways.

Seizure is an off-the -wall experimental rap.

Watch The World Go By is pure ballad.


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