The Looks Like Lightning Project

That Was Then:

In the late Eighties the band Looks Like Lightning was formed from the remnants of an earlier band, Second Chance, by singer Nick Sheehan and guitarist Steve Tierney.  Looks Like Lighting went through several incarnations. While the band was a five-piece group they played many successful local gigs at venues like the Dacorum Civic Centre, the Bricket Wood Social Club and The Living Room night club. They went on to make a Demo Tape and even appeared in front of millions on Sky Star Search, coming second in the competition.

The band made catchy, poppy songs. Production values and musical ability were not amazing, but creativity and enthusiasm hopefully made up for that.

When the band fell apart, two key members (Steve Tierney and Steve Floyd) continued for a time as a duo. Eventually, as so often happens to young groups, everybody went their separate ways and Looks Like Lightning were no more.

This Is Now:
Twenty-Five years later, Steve Floyd contacted Steve Tierney with a crazy idea.  “Let’s get the band back together.”  After a beer-fueled jamming session and a lot of laughs about the old times – the two decided to give the idea a go within a limited scope.  Over the course of a year the two would collaborate on a limited collection of just eight songs.  Four of them would be their old songs, the best and most iconic (if only iconic in their own minds) – brought up to date and re-recorded.  Two of the songs would be tunes written by the two Steve’s independently since the band broke apart.  Two of the songs would be brand new collaborations.

The Looks Like Lightning Project
The whole thing is called The Looks Like Lightning Project.  It’s a labour of love, which the two Steve’s are working on purely for fun and because there is a feeling between them that the previous work is an unfinished task.  Both Steve’s are well-aware that their music doesn’t really fit anywhere and probably will not find many appreciative listeners.  But that’s okay.  We’re doing it for ourselves, for posterity and for a giggle.  If you’re interested – watch this site for updates and pieces of our music as it is made.  Please feel free to contact us if you’d like any more information or want to use one of our tunes in your latest Hollywood Blockbuster.  (We live in hope. )  : )

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